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Monday, January 16, 2012

When There Is A Will

Whew!!  I had a day.   Ballet class tonight and cold outside decided to stay in and figure out why my blogging suddenly became a problem with design etc. so this athlete spent the whole day ONLINE and only when I softened and relaxed and took a nap did it come to me how to fix all and I did.  Hooray this athlete is jumping up and down!!!

Martha Graham said we are all athlete's in training and I agree.  Whatever you are devoting most of your time to is your athletic endeavor.  I met with my friend from Barcelona yesterday and we spoke of my health issues and hers and how we use Dr. Google because our Western medicine does not focus on the individual but rather on statistics.  There is no answer for it so we have to find our own way to deal.

I was told to trust my daring expansive vision.  Then tonight watching Knocked Up I hear the scene with the father talking to his son  ":Life doesn't care about your vision.  Life happens and you roll with it."

Do you think Martha Graham is right?
Do you think the father is right?

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