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Friday, April 6, 2012

Best Marketing Idea So Far

 First, we have the fabulously popular Heidi Klum show "  Project Runway". When a TV show is a hit then spinoffs go ballistic and never measure up to the original.  Next think about the commercial  HSN and QVC.  These two shows  hawk designers and popular media personalities that attach their names to fashion items in hopes that their popularity will sell the items.  And they do. 

Supposedly when you see the models on those shows you not only subconsciously  want to look like them you also want to wear a Jessica Simpson or an Iman etc.  Good marketing yes.  But wait.........along comes Fashion Star.  It is like a marriage of these two popular ideas.  The person or persons who came up with this show needs to get "The Best Marketing Idea 2012 Award and hopefully they made millions of dollars coming up with it.    Have you seen the show?  Brilliant!!!

First we have the star factor with 3 recognizable personalities mentoring the fashion designers.  Jessica Simpson, Nicole Riche and some man I am not sure of.  I know.......they could have gotten more star power but.......Then take 3 major department stores H & M, Saks, and Macy's that bid on the designs.  So unlike Project Runway the designers are not making runway pieces they are designing clothing to sell in one or more of those department stores.  So what?  Here it is.....When one of those stores chooses an item to sell in their store..... you, me , anyone can go online and immediately purchase it.  Win Win Win.

The store, the designer, and the TV production show wins.  I want to have thought of that!!!  This is what life is all about.  Or at least the American way.  If only I knew how to market myself like that.  If only one of my best friends didn't have to walk away from her dog massage business because she could not market herself.   My work is in market research and I know the billions of dollars that go into the industry.

I get dizzy reading the ways to promote your blog.  Penelope Trunk is a blog that has every idea imaginable for marketing yourself and many other posts give way too much advice that exhausts me just reading about it let alone acting on any of it.  If you don't have 46% of your time to spend on selling yourself then the party is over anyway.  But the fun part is thinking you just might come up with the "Best Idea Ever"!!!

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