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Friday, April 20, 2012

Artistic Endeavors Foiled Again

Yesterday I had a free day to do whatever.  Since I want to learn how to post photos that I take of myself with my tripod and put it off every chance I get my thoughts after morning coffee was to practice,practice, and more of it!!  I had taken a few pictures in the weeks previous but even that is one where when I arrive home from work I tell myself I am too tired, or my outfit is not right, or blah blah blah and weeks go by and I realize I have taken only a few pictures and if I do not shape up I will once again forget even how to go through all the steps to get it done.

Okay so yesterday was my day to proceed no excuses!!! I am planning my trip to visit my daughter and two grandchildren in Arkansas and will be leaving in a few weeks.  I decided to try on a few different options for traveling on the plane and then force myself to take a few photos of each outfit.  As I took the first few I thought they were turning out wrong and then notice my patience is nil so I take a couple and move on to the next outfit.  I was having fun practicing different poses and all in all tired on 7 outfits and took two photos of each so I had a fair amount of photos to experiment with posting.

Looking forward to my man Kobe playing basketball at 6:30 pm I still had time to run to the mall and wander around instead of going for a walk in the wind and the rain.  When I arrived home I turned on the TV, poured myself a glass of chocolate wine and began loading the photos.  I am watching the game while I am cropping the photos and making adjustments to the lighting, mostly watching the game and slowly find myself very upset.   The Lakers are losing and they are playing terrible but I am a grown woman not some Los Angelos fanatical fan so why is this seriously making me mad??  I ask myself what this possibly has to do with my life and I am amazed every time I get caught up emotionally about a stupid game.  I continue sorting out my photos during time outs and half time.

Over an hour or so later I pour myself a second glass of wine and amazed that I am happy with my photos.  I still keep watching the game though even with Kobe not playing after the third quarter because the game was already a loss.  Three hours later I am not sure where my photos have been stored.   I click through Pictures there are many folders that are empty and I am hitting the delete button as I go and soon as I did it I realized my mistake but thought they would be saved somewhere on some file but no........every picture gone.  

Who said starting over is half the fun??  At least today I accomplished a different DIY project I have been putting off.  I used every bit of artistic abilities I have and used Martha Stewart glitter to make one pair of sandals silver sparkles and one pair black sparkles.  They have to dry for two days and then I spray them with silicone and then I dare to wear them.  Please Martha make it happen!!!!

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