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Monday, April 16, 2012

Self Portraits

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be an artist.    I could never draw like the other kids.  Years went bye and always my mind would tell me I wanted to learn how to draw one day.  I have always admired artists who draw portraits and thought maybe I could do it if I just went to Art Media and bought a few basic materials plus 6 different books on "How To Draw".  That was about 2 years ago and then it took a whole year of realizing I was never going to read the books.  Last year I thought of a way to force  myself each night to sit on the floor and draw the outfit I planned on wearing to work the following day.  Then I would send the drawing to my eleven year old granddaughter via text and she would exclaim,"You're wearing THAT tomorrow?" 

After 2 weeks of trying my best I gave away all of my books and put away my drawing materials and realized drawing is not my passion after all.  The mind is not trustworthy.

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