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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Where Are You Physically

Being an introvert online feels overwhelming.  I can do pirouettes in ballet class and pique turns and chaine's without feeling as dizzy as I do when I hear about all the various ways to partake in social media.  Blogs, chat rooms, message boards, Facebook and Twitter are just a few.  I guess the Instagrams are a fave for getting your photos out to the masses in "real time".

But my question is, does anyone care anymore about BEING in "real time" physically and mentally?  When I was studying to be a yoga teacher one of the first books I came across was by Ram Dass called Be Here Now.  I think it was written in the 70's or 80's and little did he know that the population was going to go in the exact opposite direction.  Again, is anyone now "really" present to the moment they are in?
Google photo image

 This picture is what I see EVERYWHERE.  At the Mall, at the park, babysitting children, walking dogs, in cars, walking down the street in front of my apartment, at the dance studio, at work, getting groceries.   Okay, I cannot name one place I do not see this.   Where are you when you are on the phone?  I wonder how many people know or even care when they are on their phone they are not fully present to the moment they are in.  And "who cares?"  I do. 

It's not about multi-tasking as my extremely extroverted daughter is so proud of and being an introvert I do not feel qualified to answer what it could be about?  I can only question why?

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