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Monday, April 2, 2012

Some Thoughts When Not Working

Starting the work week with no projects to work on is always disconcerting.  I have worked for MDC Research for 15 years now so I should be used to it by now.  I no longer panic as I used to but when I  run out of projects to work on means their is no money coming in and dealing with the uncertainty of when I will have a paycheck again allows me to pretend I am on vacation and enjoy the sunshiny day or contemplate what life is really all about.....or a little of both.

This weekend I went to the Mall and once again appalled at the overflow of clothing in the stores.  The glut of clothing is massive and  I walk through it all shaking my head in disgust at how cheap everything looks.  I mean by cheap not only the material and the fit but also the style.  In Macy's the Junior Department has the usual suspects of trendiness and it all runs together with the other Jr. stores such as H & M and F21.  But when I walk over to the so called "grown-up" section of Macy's it is insane.  The designer sections and labels are getting more and more laughable.  It is like they want to copy the younger styles but they can't quite get the hang of it.  So you have sequins on tops, sweaters, jeans where they look forced and feather graphics on the front of crop top tees and....raise your hand if you are over the age of 16 and want a huge graphic of a skull on the front of your tee.

The question that came to me today sitting on the front porch in the sun on my day off  is, "What do clothing stores do with all the clothing they don't sell?"  And so I Googled it.  It only came up with with people voicing their opinions.  Then I Googled more specifically, "What does F21 do with all the clothing they don't sell?"

It came up with Get Off My Internets asking Fashion Bloggers where they store all the clothes they purchase and how do they afford it?  So does anyone know where all the tons of clothing at the mall go after it has been reduced to the Final Sale???

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