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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fooling All Of The People

The more you go shopping the more you are aware of scams.  Or not.  It is the classic cliche that is  sooooo true......"You can fool all of the people most of the time" and what marketers count on to be  successful all of the time.  For me the fake prices set under every kind of advertising gimmick known to man and most everyone gleefully following the "come-ons"  like lemmings is hard to understand.   But if human nature has a herd mentality just go to the mall and you can prove it.

My interest in the world around me has me wandering from store to store on some weekends avoiding all the marketing tools thrown in my face telling me if I buy two I can get one free, just one ploy that tries to push my greedy button.....and wonder why why why am I the only one that is offended by all this nonsense?   I would keep breathing and smiling to myself wishing if only there could be a store that was "real".  One that you could walk in and know the items were priced fair.  It was a hope against hope and thought those days were gone.

Then I read on one of the fashion blogs that she would no longer shop at Penny's because they stopped having sales.  I was in shock.  Not at her rebelling against no more sales but that finally a large corporation "gets it".  I don't shop there because their items are not my taste but, "Thank you J. C. Penny for no more fake prices"!!!!  Maybe I wasn't the lone ranger and other wise shoppers were also saying "STOP THE MADNESS.... we are couponed out and all the rest of it.  We want simple, honesty."   What a refreshing trend that would be.  But what about all the people that like to be fooled???? 

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