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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beautiful Book

Author David McCullough 

One of my best friend's and I look for "inspiration".  After watching "Man On A Wire" we started calling ourselves "WOW" (Women On Wire).  We look for inspiration in films and books and then see how we can apply it in our own life.

No wonder David McCullough has received the Pulitzer Prize twice.  The "Greater Journey" is beautifully written and highly inspiring!!  I love to read about artists and his presentation lets me feel personally involved in the story.  His writing takes me to Paris and I am there.  In the Tuileries, walking the Seine, right along with the artists, writers, architects, doctors, and politicians he writes about. 

Madame X the portrait that caused a sensation
The illustrations are stunning!!!  They make me want to go to the Louvre again NOW!!!!
Marie Taglioni called the "most beautiful dancers in the world"
One of the writers covered in the book about Americans In Paris is Nathanial Willis.  He spoke of going to the theater to see Marie Taglioni.  Here  he thought, was the great contrast with the theater from America.  "We shall never have a high-toned drama in America, while, as at present, applause is won only by physical exertion and the nice touches of genius and nature pass undetected and unfelt."  That was a statement he made in 1833 that I think holds true to this day.

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