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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Admire the Unexpected

I heard on the radio today that the number one problem people have is their appearance or the appearance of others.  Shows like How Do I Look and What Not To Wear are hits.  I think if you want to look "nice" or "board room ready" go to Ann Taylor's or Talbot's, look at their mannequins and wear that. 

I have two examples of what I mean by dressing with a flair and creating their own unique look.  One is my ballet friend Erin.  I met up with her wearing a pea green knit cloche with a rose embellishment; a white cropped tank top with her bare midriff peaking out just right; long black yoga pants; and a creme full length to the ground light weight sweater over all, with clogs.  Okay, where did she wear this?   Walking  her dog in the park along the river.  Love

Anyone can look correct. " Love your outfit" usually means you fit in perfectly.  I am talking about taking off the rack clothes and wearing them in unexpected ways and unexpected places.  This is the art of it all. 

My second example is Ali who works at a fashion boutique I visit.  She will take  basic items and make it her own.  A tailored vintage jacket with a mickey mouse tee shirt.  .  I asked her how she chooses her pieces and she told me she never likes to wear what's "in".  Immediately I related to that.  For example I began wearing feather earrings two years ago and now that they are everywhere I will give them a rest.

Originality is the fun of dressing and celebrating the differences within us all in our expression lets us learn to appreciate the unexpected....or not.

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