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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Buddhist Training

Steve Jobs had the Buddhist training.  I just learned this and so it goes he would choose alternative methods of healing.  All my friends go nuts when I try to heal myself naturally.  I have had hits and misses with taking the reigns but nothing as serious as cancer.

Right now I have a red spot on my nose that has been there for as long as I can remember.  Maybe 20 years?  I just cover it with Erase and end of story. crusts over and then I get scared and try to figure out how to heal it.  Every one tells me to go to a dermatologist. I instead go to the net and try apple cider and think it worked....well not all the way so a friend tells me New Zealand honey heals all now I am back to the honey.  Maybe because my mother did not believe in going to doctors so there go I.

Also I have a metallic taste in my mouth that has been there for a few months now.  I already know everyone will freak saying ...get to a conventional doctor.  When all else fails I go to the Oriental College of Medicine so I may be on my way there soon.

A health, fit, and fashion blog needs to be honest if nothing else.  For me I cannot stand blogs that regurgitate information that to me is conventional (duh).  Example:  Check with your doctor.  Well hello my doctor is myself.  So I am checking in with myself.

Buddhist teachings are for me precious.  I think because it teaches to take responsibility for yourself and not give your intelligence away.

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