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Monday, October 31, 2011


Hello,  It's the one who does not know how to insert pictures into my blog, who is just out here winging it.  I really do not know the purpose of blogging everyday just to prove I can do it.  There is so much I need to learn.  I learn from other peoples blogs so maybe when I learn how to put relevance and content into this blog it will make sense.

Relevance for me is what is now.  Right now I am waiting for a neighbor to come over to help me with my computer.  I am looking out the picture window of my apartment at the wonder and splendor change.  If anyone thinks nothing ever changes just look out the window in Autumn and it is not subtle it is in your face bright glorious change of colors in red, wine, gold, orange, so incredible!!!

I love that I can have my face in a computer screen and out the window gazing at the trees, sky, nature.  Do people ever change?  Or is it just reflected in nature?  I know changes occur but is it deep and lasting or is it all based on thought?  The idea of change and just when I think maybe I have changed my ways up it pops and oops......what happenned?

Nature teaches me that change does happen naturally and in its own time so I know my computer skills will change if I keep at it.  

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