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Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Adventures

Notice my ears PERK UP every time I hear about a diet tip.  It came to me just the other day I have been dieting for over 50 years.  I think it began with what was called Metrecal cookies....also a wine and hard boiled egg diet (yes a glass a wine with a hard boiled egg for breakfast)....I have never weighed over 120 pounds on this 5'3 frame and hang out at about 115 pounds yet constantly dieting experimenting with ways to be healthy and get down to 110. 

Need to have my green salad with sunflower seeds and a slice of Dave's bread (plain, no butter) for dinner with dessert of canned pumpkin with sugar free butterscothch pudding powder stirred in with a tablespoon of chopped almonds drowning in coconut milk.

Looking forward to my favorite show Project Runway.  Go Joshua!!!  I like flamboyant.

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