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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 "Poser: my life in twenty-three yoga poses" by Claire Dederer is a great book.  One  I highly recommend  for all athletes even if you have never taken a yoga class. .

 I taught yoga classes for 25 years.  My path to teaching yoga was an organic experience. 

I was in awe of  my dance teacher.  My boyfriend at that time said, "You could be her". WHAT???? I was a total beginner I could never be like her.  As I continued to take her class while working on my Bachelors Degree in Social Science I also did some  internships in Physical Education.   I designed and implemented a class and workshop called "Body/Mind/Fitness" and began teaching Hath Yoga classes upon graduation.

Somehow I feel like this blog experience is organic as well.  It started with admiring other blogs....then thought hey could I?  Then startred asking the universe for help choosing a computer and it was blogs that helped me choose my Toshiba is blogs that continue to teach me what icon's to click on each night when I am learning my way. It is like dance class.....frustrating, fun, and I want to hurry up and get it right!!!

I have learned along the way with the yoga teachings that practice is not to seek improvement but to breathe, breathe, breathe, create the space within the body, mind, spirit to, just be. It sounds so cliche but it is wisdom handed down through the ages that cannot be denied...

Can one be an athlete and, just be, without trying to???

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