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Friday, October 28, 2011

Craaaazy Talk

Too crazy.  I am wanting to do too much too soon.  I need to take a computer class to learn the basics.

Health, fitness, and fashion is about challenging myself to do something new.  Don't know why I thought I could learn about using this computer, blogging and taking pics I could just do without taking a class or having a teacher.  I like the idea of just jumping in but then reality sets in and even when taking yoga classes the first step is to:  find a teacher.

I like to learn things on my own whenever possible.l  I am far from conventional.  My nature is to go off the beaten path.  This is why I applaud Andrew Wiel for stepping up to say Steve Jobs alternative choices for healing his cancer were not necessarily wrong.  No one knows and just because the medical research with the most financial backing as in everything else carries the loudest voice.  So I like to listen to the softer voices that feel right to me.

Taking responsibility for our own self is the key in my opinion.   I like teachers who encourage me to find out for myself and share in a dialogue of learning choices.  As K. (Krishnamurti) teaches to honor our own intelligence.

It takes patience to learn and to know when to ask for help.  My ego is beginning to second guess this idea of just keep blogging every day......telling me I am nuts and no one else with as little computer experience as I would ever just start blogging.   so I will breathe, breathe, breathe, and remind myself I can delete, delete, delete.

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