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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lets Talk Style

My granddaughter loves fashion.  She wants to be a Next Top Model and loves to practice posing for pictures.  I love fashion.  She lives in Arkansas, I live in Oregon and we only get to see each other once a year. 

I began drawing pictures of what I was going to wear to work the followingt day, taking a picture of the drawing on my phone and sending it to her.  I want to start this fashion blog and send it to her but I have to learn how to set everything up, use a camera, a tripod, etc. which all seems way overwhelming to me right now.

Lets talk fashion.  I  am going to describe my outfits in words that I will be wearing the following day until I can figure out how to photograph them.

I am a risk taker in fashion and like to "feel" some kind of statement for the day.  Like choosing a character in a play for the day that suits me.  Luckily I work in an environment that allows me to be as creative as I would like in my dress.  I like to create a "look" fpr the day but NOT a "costume" look.  So how am I going to style white knee high boots?

Tomorrow I will be wearing white boots that I call my go- go boots because it feels like no one wears white boots but me and that they really stand out as a "fashion no-no".  Therein lies the risk.  With the white boots (on sale at a boutique for $15.00) I add Levi white skinny jeans to elongate my leg line, then add an ooff-white oversize lightweight poncho with hood (from H & M),over that a blue jean jacket accessorized with a faux fur collar added both from H & M..  The vide is a 70's look.  I will add only a pair of stud earrings.

Would anyone but me dare to wear this combo???

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