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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This is one big experiment in figuring out as you go blogging.

The instructions do not work for me.  I am over and out when it comes to figuring out how to put pictures into my blog. I have issues.  Not just this.  It feels like I have several problems that if I could just figure out they would goooooooo away.  The more frustrated I become to get my health back on track by NOT going to a doctor but being my own healer the key is to learn how to relax and not let myself feel stressed.

I just saw a drug advertised on tv called Align.  People must be taking all the tv drugs or they would not have the millions of dollars to advertise them.  Who are these people that take these pills.  Am I jealous underneath my desire to heal myself without drugs or doctors.

Breathe, I am being taught patience and the wisdom to know what to do.  PICTURE this.....a healthy fit person that is responsible for taking care of herself.  If I could be in the place of peace with it all and be thankful for my whole being instead of striving for a place that is the perfect picture of health. 

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