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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ballet Addiction

Afraid of snow decided not to go to ballet class and now I am sooooo bummed!!!  And I was NOT going to let this happen.  This time, this year, I was not going to let the weather forecast slow me down.  I decided starting this week I was going to go to class 5 times a week no excuses.

The only thing I can muster to do tonight at home is 20 releves.  The end.  I feel like a loser.  I have been here before a million times and what do I learn?   I am aware to call myself names does not help, soften and surrender my mental story of what a loser I am.  There is a part of myself that says if I pardon myself and accept my choice then I will do that ALL the time.  Now I am aware that is just a story I tell myself and I can choose to buy into the story or let it go.

I just love ballet.  It is the best form of exercise ever devised by man in my opinion.  I just want to do it forever.  Nothing else interests me.  I think that is called an addiction.

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