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Sunday, January 22, 2012

When Shopping Is A Question Mark

My jackets and blazers are basic colors with a variety of styles that I remind myself I do not need more.  Especially no more blazers.  If I find an interesting cut jacket in a fascinating color or fabric would be the only reason I would purchase another.  I do need tops to go under the jackets I already have.   I do not want checks, polka dots, stripes, or flowers.  And for me though I love sparkly I am over sequins.  Lace is tricky because it can look aging on me.  I am thinking chiffon but we shall see.

The first thing I pick up and think about trying on is a pair of powder pink jeans at H & M.  Then  realize I am not shopping for jeans so we move on.  The clothes are very poor quality but I like the challenge of finding something fun that does not appear cheap in fit and fabric.  As I keep wandering and picking up items and feel the fabric I see some green jeans.  As I hold them up in front of the mirror I remind myself, "no jeans".  I leave the store and go to Forever 21.

A few weeks ago I bought a white fabric short coat that I like.  It was $26.00 and because it is white I know it will cost more to clean than what I paid for it so when I found another one today and tried it on to make sure how much I love it I bought another.  Yes, I heard Jackie O. bought 6 of the same thing so I bought 2 of these coats.  As I continued to look for tops I know F21 is another junior store that is a fluke when I can find something.  I find some chiffon tops but they are just not quite right so ready to go purchase my coat when I come across a white blazer.  I try it on and tell myself I only have one other white blazer and I can always use another one so yeah........I did.

Making my two purchases I continued going in and out of the mall stores but my heart was not in it so I cut my shopping trip short and as I was driving home thought about my purchases and decided I am not sorry.  I just wonder how my psyche can start out telling me one thing and end up doing the exact opposite?

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