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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Childhood Dreams Do Come True

My Grandaughter at the beach in Florida 

What did you want to be when you were eleven years old?  I wanted to be a teacher.  When my cousin and I would get together we would set up her room with fake desks and a make shift black board and play teacher for hours.  I remember my mother setting up a tent in our backyard that I would use as a classroom.  All the neighborhood kids would come over and in my role as teacher I would pass out grape juice and graham crackers to ones who were good.  My mother said some of the parents would call her to say I was too bossy to their child.  Over the years I have enjoyed teaching English As A Second Language, yoga classes, various workshops on different topics and hope I have not come across bossy or an authority or expert in any way.  My best teachers show me by example rather than diplomas or degrees or titles.  I like to teach by example as well.

My granddaughter loved having her picture taken as a baby.  She naturally posed for the camera before she was old enough to know what posing meant.  She has always loved clothes and styling her outfits and then having photo shoots.  I know she will follow her interests as I have mine in her own way.  She will have many teachers along the way.....I hope she will find as many wonderful inspiring teachers as I have found on my journey.

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