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Monday, January 30, 2012

Personal Photos

Feeling out of focus tonight on my deck
Last Friday evening I had my friend come over and teach me how to take photos from my Reader and save them to my folders.  Feeling low grade flu symptoms tonight decided not to go to ballet and practice posting photos.  This one captures my state of being this evening.

My camera is a Sony without a remote.  I need to get to a camera store to find out what kind of camera I need to take my own photos.  I have a tripod and know that I do not need a remote but hopefully a camera with one will be easier.  I know the secret is practice, practice, practice.  I keep reading advice on different camera positions.  I have heard it needs to be placed at hip level or belly button and another said shoulder to forehead level.  Then it's all about the lighting. 

Or, I could wait and find a boyfriend to take my pictures.  Oh for sure, that's going to happen.

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