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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Saturday Night in Portland

Ballet class this morning.  One of the dancers gave us each a "Dancing Daisy" she found at the dollar store.  The daisy dances with solar energy so you set it in the light and the daisy and its leaves dance away.  So fun!!!  I think when you dance you are always 5 years old at heart.
Isn't this Dancing Daisy the cutest sweetest thing ever?  You have to imagine him dancing but that is not hard to do is it?

On to Target to get myself a booster chair for my chair that is not high enough for using my computer.  My hips fit in it barely because meant for a 6 ear old but it works exactly like I was hoping. Then I bought several Elf cosmetic items.  Their eye primer was recommended and since it is only $1.00 I was in shock when it did not hurt my eyes and works perfect.  So I went back today and bought Elf mascara, blush, brush, eye shadow......all of their items are $3.00 or less.  We shall see if the items I bought today are as great as their eye primer.

Then I went to TJ Maxx and found a pair of Mia $145.00 boots on sale for $25.00.  Oh yeah.  Had to get.  They are lace up the front sand colored wedge swede.  I love boots.  One of my co-workers asked me if I needed more boots?  I did not even realize how many I had.  Last time I counted it was 20 and now I think it is up to 25.  But most of my boots are $30.00 or less and I love them all.  I should have a boot parade but I don't think they show off so well on their own.  They do make the outfit though.

8PM Saturday night and all is well in Portland, Oregon.  Time for dinner.

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