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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Question Of Blogging

Just a few months into posting I wonder if it is consuming too much of my time?  I am very particular about what I read and watch on TV.  My favorite films are documentaries and programs that feature artists creating their art.  Two of my favorite documentaries are Man On A Wire and Exit Out The Back Door.  Art Beat is a local program on our public station that feature various local artists.  The inspiration I receive from their lives is what I appreciate.   Also I love people who have a great sense of humor.

  I find the same with the blog world.  With so much to choose from to sort it all out and decide which ones I connect with are few.  I find the ones that interest me also inspire me.   I can dialogue with them more than, "love your hair and your scarf is perfect".  That kind of communication is fine but if limited to that I would feel like I am at a cocktail party every night and I don't even like parties. 

Today with my sore throat I stayed home and had some time to read new blogs  I have not learned how to use the "links" in my blog.  I have read if you refer to someone's blog in your post it is a courtesy to include the link.  I will do that when I learn how but for now I will just say through Metscan who I enjoy reading led me to David Leeds blog "A Husk Of Meaning".  I only had time to read a few of  his postings and look forward to reading all of them. 

Reading David's reason for blogging he speaks of learning and evolving.  Discovering something new and enriching is what makes blogging fun for me and worth the time invested. 

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