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Friday, January 20, 2012

Individual Style Is Key

My mother asked me, "Why do people over a certain age always say how old they are when they speak?"  Example, "Well, I am 82 and blah blah blah blah."  She wondered if they were bragging or complaining or wanted a medal?   Since I do not have a camera yet that will allow me to take my own photos for my blog I am wondering if like reading a book if the author is good you can visualize the characters just by the way they are presented in word only.  What does age have to do with it?  I guess the author does say something like "at age 48 she was blah blah blah"....because I think we are conditioned to stereotype people by age in our minds.  It is just natural even though we know that age is just a number we still generalize. 

For me the best blogs are the MOST PERSONAL.  The ones where I get a chance to get to know the person rather than just look at the outfit of the day.  Second Skin was an excellent example of this.   Do people have to know how old you are to get an idea of who the person is?  I think there are people who really identify with their age and those who don't.  I do not and until I get my camera and post pictures I will see if I can describe who I am.

This one awoke this morning and had her wardrobe planned out and stuck with it.  She has never been related to as her chronological age and dresses accordingly.  She is not the wild child that is a Betsey Johnson and not any one style that she could identify with.  She has an air of mystery about her that comes natural and her personality is on the side of teasing and kidding around with her friends and co-workers.  Her nickname at work is "Paris" because there is an attitude that comes quite natural with everything being about her. She has below the shoulder length hair with bangs and blonde highlights that she blow dries and flat irons then lets fly free only washing once a week.She does not like going to salons, and no manicures, pedicures, or botox please.

Today for work she began with an oversize chiffon creme button down the front shirt with huge black polka dots worn over a white camisole.  She paired this with black knit Guess skinnie jeans and a black velvet short Victorian style jacket with pleats in the back she purchased  from the Gap a thousand years ago.  But she hardly ever finds anything at the Gap for her style.  Then she wore a pair of lace up granny 3" wedge shooties in bronze from Shikeh.  Finishing touch a clip on denim and antique beige satin  rose from H&M.  Not done yet she wore on the left ear a small diamond stud and the right ear a costume jewelry diamond stud with a very long silver chain that looks like the ones they sell at Bebe.  Oh, and then still yet a huge solitaire crystal cut costume cocktail ring purchased at a specialty resale store. 

I am so not good at presenting a character study.  And I have to know what I like about fashion blogs is to be able to SEE how the wardrobe looks on the body and get inspired by what I SEE and then I like to read about their personal insights.  I have to get a camera sooner than later.

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