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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Royal Road To Health

One of my interests along with two of my friends is to learn how to take care of our own health problems.  We had a discussion about this last evening and each have our own stories of when doctors are helpful and when they are not.  We do not have a doctor.  That does not mean we do not go to doctors it means we rely on our own best judgement whenever possible.  We use whatever resources we can find to help our self first.

One of my favorite books to turn to is "The Royal Road To Health or the secret of Health Without Drugs by Chas. A. Tyrrell, M.D. written in 1907.  I am not into cleanses but I appreciate much of his book that promotes healthy food as medicine and all the basics that we all know.  His presentation seems empowering to me and that is what I look for in a teacher.  One that encourages me to be responsible for myself.

Today I feel a sore throat coming on and tired eyes.  You know that achy all over feeling.  My first reaction is to ignore it and it will go away.  Later I fix hot water and lemon juice and hope it just magically goes away.  I hope I can apply what I have learned in the past.  Not to ignore the signs and to take it as an opportunity to take care of myself instead of pushing through it. 

Do you have a favorite health book or an example of what works for you when you get a sore throat?

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