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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Artists At Work

My favorite show is Project Runway and tonight is Project Runway All Stars.  When growing up my mother taught me some about sewing but I was not too interested.  We made an apron in Homec class and I had no interest or use for an apron.  I renewed my interest in sewing when I discovered I could with my Mom's help design and sew my own dresses.  I made one white sleeveless pique sheath dress with a wide pink cotton belt and remember I really liked it but do not remember I ever made another.

Next my two sons were born 15 months apart and being a stay at home Mom I decided to start sewing clothes for them  They tease me I could have been a pageant Mom if I had lived in a State where they had them.  Six years later I had my daughter and yes of course I made us matching hats, ponchos, and I was teased about it and I really did not feel comfortable wearing the same thing as my two year old anyway.

So I switched to household items such as a round  dining room table cloth in bright orange with huge white flowers with matching floor to ceiling drapes.  Who was going to tell me it did not look divine???  I knit a sweater for myself....terrible.  Then years went by and in ballet class I found a dancer who was looking for a sewing machine and I gave her mine.

When I came across the Project Runway DVD's at the library I was in heaven.  My favorite thing is to watch artists create their art and this show is so well done.  I have no desire to buy a new sewing machine but I did think I wanted to take some kind of design classes and that is when I started looking at fashion blogs which has led me to wanting to take classes in Photoshop after I take classes in how to use a camera and take my own photos without giving up my ballet classes and I have to work full-time to support all of those activities.  This has all taken place over the past 5 years slowly and so interesting how it just grew into this new interest.

Don't you think it is interesting how we become interested in what we do?  I remember my mother decided to go to my cousins roller skating birthday party as the baby sitter and decided to join in and loved it so much she bought her own skates, took lessons, and started participating in various couples competitions.  She went to that party when she was in her forties.  She decided to stop when the competitions would take her out of town and she did not want to leave my father on his own.

Have you too found yourself evolving into new interests?  How does it happen with you? 

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