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Friday, February 17, 2012

What Celebrity Are You Wearing

If only celebrities did it better.  But somehow it's worse.  I am talking about their so-called fashion designs.  Do they actually design the clothes or just attach their name to the articles in question?  We have Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's, Katie Holmes for Ann Taylor, Paris Hilton at Macy's but not sure if that is still happening, and forget who is at Penny's and of course the 3 Kardashians plus Mom and the two teens are not only at Sears but all over QVC.
Twiggy for HSN

Queen Latisha on HSN
Also to be found on QVC is Joan Rivers, and Wendy Williams.  At HSN we have Twiggy, Mariah Carey, Queen Latisha, and Serena Williams.  Making the price tag reflect the value of the celebrities name is one thing but why do all the clothes have to look so cheesy and be of such horrendous quality?
Joan Rivers on QVC
Serena Williams for HSN
Mariah Carey for HSN

K-Dash for Sears

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