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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Information Is In Your Blood

The author did not speak to me.  I did not learn anything from "How To Write A Sentence".  I am always drawn to "how to" books even though I am disappointed more times than not where it seems it is just a regurgitation of something I already know.

Before the Internet I was visiting Seattle for the weekend with my boyfriend at the time.  We stopped in the city Museum and there it was.  A model of the future computer.  He was mesmerized.  He was a film maker and told me how this mock-up computer is going to give us access to information from all over the world.  I did not yawn but I did wonder if that was what I really needed in my life or if it was more important for me to apply the mass amounts of info I already had stored in my brain.  I already felt I was addicted to gathering more and more information as a procrastination from actually doing anything with it

My main interest is health, fitness and fashion.  The blogs I like are ones where I can learn from the dialogue rather than from a so called expert.  Fat Head and Mark's Daily Apple have some good dialogues.  I do not like business or medical journals putting out findings on the basis of which ever corporation is subsidizing their research.

Applying the information is another question.  My mother taught me to eat vegetables growing up.  She practiced her preaching and was placed in a nursing home at age 94 with dementia.  Jack LaLane who my mother exercised to on the television ate nothing but fresh vegetables and fruits right out of his organic garden if you believe the infomercials he made selling his blenders.  His exercise routine was stellar and never missed a day.  He died at age 94 of pneumonia.

On the front page of our newspaper the other day was a picture of a lady age 104 lifting weights at the health club she attends three times a week.  She takes more vitamins than medications and "eats lots of vegetables".  I am eating lots of vegetables, taking ballet class 5 times a week and have another cold.  GRRRR!!!!!

Now I am reading about the "High Priestess of Fashion".  Diana Vreeland says. "You cannot learn about fashion.  It has to be in your blood.".  Maybe this is true for all things???

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