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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do Expectations Matter

A 95 year old Raramuri hiked 25 miles over the mountain .  Why did he do it?  Because no one ever told him he couldn't.  No one ever told him he should be in a nursing home dying.  You live up to your own expectations.  Do you?  Have you?

We know the power of the mind and all the positive and negative thoughts we bring to our individual lives.  It has always fascinated me with those who excel in an activity and their response when asked their secret.  One example is with the Olympic athletes when they are interviewed after winning a gold medal for their event.  One will answer, "I always knew I would win a medal since I was three years old it is all I have ever thought about."  The next athlete winner will say, " I never dreamed  I could ever win a gold medal.  It has completely taken me by surprise I am in shock."

Isn't that interesting or is it just me?  Two different expectations with the same result???  Self-fulfilled prophecy I think is powerful when it comes to negative thinking.  I remember when I first read the book "Psycho-cybernetics" I thought I had found the secret to life and I would be able to control everything to turn out the way I wanted. 

Now I have grown to expect the unexpected and to focus on the present.  All the stories my mind tells me are to be expected but not reliable and self knowledge will come from the silence.

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