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Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Does It Mean

When having a virus for two weeks it feels like two lifetimes.  With my passion for health and fitness when I get sick it makes me question everything about my routine, my choices, my discipline,   I tell myself I have been here a million times before, just relax into it, do not get into mental stories about how this should not be.

My friends and family know it is my style to exaggerate when I converse.  If you don't know me and overhear my conversation it can be quite shocking.  Those who know me come to expect it and prepare themselves to come right back at me and call me out on it.

This morning after my walk on the river for the first time in two weeks I was exhilarated.  When I came home I called my daughter and told her I was REINCARNATED!!!  I asked her if she even knew what that word meant?  She said, "yes, it means you're feeling better".

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