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Thursday, February 9, 2012

How To Cure Thyself

Feeling "under the weather" the past two weeks once again has me reading the various natural healing books.   I also get online and read various health and wellness sites and find many comments from those who are being pro-active and finding natural cures rather than drugs.   It does seem drugs are the fast food medicine and who doesn't want to get well fast?

My favorite books are memoirs.  Especially those of artists and athletes.  When I am down and feeling sick I like books about real life people conquering all odds climbing mountains, cycling around the world, training to swim the English channel, all activities I have no desire to pursue yet reading the challenges and demands to excel inspires me.

One activity I have tried to get into and pursue is running.  By try means every once in awhile I will run a few blocks and it will feel so bad and not nice for my body that I wonder what I am doing wrong?  I think it has to do with not being able to breathe properly.  Sometimes I will just run spontaneously and think okay this could be fun.... but no.   I walk along the Willamette river while most everyone else is running or biking past me.  It looks more fun than walking until I try it.

This leads me to the book I am reading now by Christopher McDougall "Born To Run".  He admits he did not like to run but he wanted to like it.  His foot started hurting while running and after going to several sports doctors specialists and studying physiology online looking for answers led him to write this book.  Only into Chapter 2 and already inspired!!!

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