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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Men In My Life

I'm sure the men in our lives tell us something about ourselves.  I wonder why I do not have any men in my life other than colleagues, business professionals, and my dance teacher.  The only men in my life I have never met.  The only male influences I have are in my dreams and on my mind.  My top four:

Arvydas Sabonis google image
 Arvydas Sabonis from Lithuania.  At seven foot three he played basketball with a finesse I had never seen.  He spoke with an eloquence that is exceptional for a sports figure.  The twinkle in his eye and sense of humor made him endearing and over a thousand people came to celebrate his days as a Blazer.

MJ google image
Michael Jackson, King of Pop to the masses and a genius to some.  I first came to notice him with his interviews and saw an artist that reminded me of the line in a song written about Vincent Van Gogh, "I could have told you Vincent this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you."  That is how I felt about Michael.

Kobe Bryant a super athlete.  Tonight I watched him play in the All Star game and he surpassed Michael Jordan (the BB player Kobe is accused of imitating) with number of points scored.  His love for the game, and constant hunger to improve and play and win is all attractive to me.  Oh and that smile!!!
Kobe Bryant google image

Woody Allen, how can I forget?  He does slip my mind.  Then the minute I hear him on the news as I did last night it all comes back to me.   He was  talking about the call he received recently telling him he was up for four Academy Awards .  He said he thought they were calling to ask for his Oscars back that he has already won in past years.  Why?  He never participates and is well known for his opinion that art cannot be judged because it is too subjective.  He does not want to consciously or subconsciously have awards influence his work. .  He is not a member of the Academy, cannot vote, and will not attend.  And tonight he WON an Oscar for best screenplay for Midnight In Paris.  Go Woody Go Woody!!!  He is his own man, talented, adorable, and funny,  And a musician.  Super attractive on many levels.

I admit the men in my life are obviously best admired from afar.  I feel like the author Graham Greene when he was in the same room with someone he admired.  His friend asked why he did not go speak to him and he answered, "I am afraid he would not live up to my projection". 

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