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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What It Means To Be Wired

Getting into blogging is eye opening.  Reading various sites I find topics that I want to respond to as in a conversation and yet find my time is limited.  I do like to read the responses to various subjects and find open discussion about things that I question within myself. 

An example would be I always "feel fat" in the winter time.  I do not have a scales but have been dieting for most of my life in order to stay at a weight I feel is comfortable for me and my lifestyle.  I wondered to myself if others had this weight gain but did not want to come right out and ask.  There it was on one of the blogs and many responded that "yes they did" feel heavier when the weather turned cold. 

Another blogger had a fashion request to "show off the way you wear your lace".  Because I love lace and all clothing feminine and romantic I could not wait to see how the mature woman styled her lace because for me several years ago I decided I could no longer wear it.  I try lace items on every once in awhile  to see if I am being weird and each time I do I wonder what it is about lace that makes me look older?   Then I remembered how I used to have much fun shopping in vintage shops until one day I looked in the mirror to see the antique clothing made me look the same way.  Then I read an article that confirmed what I had seen in the mirror.  That at a certain age vintage clothing (except for some accessories) no longer is a good choice for some of us.  Then sure enough today I read other bloggers say that lace is aging on them as well.  Of course a cami with lace on it is not the same.  Those I think are an elegant touch on everyone.   Lace is arsenic after all.

Then I read a blog that said, "put away your electronics".  I have always thought electronic gadgets have a place and now I notice more people are questioning the health and well being of being wired all the time everywhere.  Not my problem because I am not addicted to my cell phone or social media but this blogging can begin to feel to me like I am taking away from another part of my life that is important.  I cannot even imagine socializing on this blog PLUS have a Facebook, Twitter, and the list goes on.  WHOA!

Now the blog that was titled "Put Away Your Electronics" was a Boy Scout den mother talking to her scouts.  At a race car event the scouts were participating in for the day only 50 percent of the participants were watching.  The other half were on their electronic device not even watching the event.  And she was not talking about the parents.  It was the kids whose event it was all about that were not watching it.   I have always had such a pet peeve about adults out and about talking on their cell and now forget about it.  I had to give up my aversion and accept it as a permanent appendage that most every adult and child has added to their anatomy.

"a moment in my day..." is a beautiful blog I just came across the other night.  Her post said she is unplugging for 90 days.  She practices yoga and I am aware when I taught and practiced yoga I was much more quiet and in touch with my being.   I think we go through different chapters in life and right now I am one that is working full time, taking ballet class 5 times a week, learning how to blog, how to use a computer, how to use a camera, how to take my own photos and find time to enjoy my friends on the weekends.  I have learned that meditation is not just sitting in a certain posture on a mat, it is a state of mind where ever one is.  Even in the busiest shopping mall.  But I was questioning how my life is very active now but not stressed..  On Maria's blog there is this incredible statement...."Simplicity is an inward attitude".  Yes.  Love that.

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