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Thursday, February 23, 2012

How To Find Yourself

Self knowledge is awareness of your inner and outer world.  Observing yourself in relationships with your mate, friends, collegues, community, the world.  One fun way is to pay attention to your choice of reading material.  A few weeks ago I found myself in Powell's bookstore drawn to Jane Austen and choose her last novel Sanditon.  I find English authors are my favorite when wanting to read a register above my day to day dialogue with friends and co-workers.

Maybe it is because my father's side is English and my Grandmother was an English school teacher the spoken word was important.  I remember I stayed with my Grandmother at the age of six and I used the word "stuff".  She told me that was not a word in the dictionary and not to use it.

Now I listen to our nightly newscasters and my ears cringe and my face hurts.  Everything is described as "we've got".  Whatever happenned to "we have"?  Which sounds better to your ears?  "We've got a storm coming" or "we have a storm coming".  Worse, why am I the only one this bothers????

Author Stanley Fish
I know my posts on this blog tend toward a style of casual conversation.  Maybe this is why I was attracted to this book at the library today.   I cannot wait to learn how my inner Jane can be revealed.

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