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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Version Of MJ

Hat F21
I found this hat yesterday while shopping at the Mall for a few cami's and some interesting quality sleeveless shells or blouses.  So what was I doing in F21?  I was done looking.  I had gone to Ann Taylor, The Gap, Bebe's H & M, J. Crew, and actually tried on 3 different white camisole's at The Gap.  Nasty.  The only word I can think to say.  The material was so slimy I could not wait to rip them off my skin.  I wanted to say something to one of the clerks but knew they had nothing to do with the quality of the merchandise they sell. 

I always check out F21 accessories.  I have been wanting a white hat to wear with my black jackets to brighten them up a bit and thought this would do the trick.    My daughter's reaction to this picture was "CAN YOU SAY MICHAEL JACKSON!!!"  What?  Really?  She knows I thought he was a genius.  When I told her I always wanted that look she said, "You're hilarious!".  So I will take that as a compliment???

Actually I had a friend come over today to help me figure out how to post photos again because just when I get it figured out my computer decides to be weird.  So this is an experiment taking my own photo with my phone, then emailing it to myself, then inserting it to my blog.  I think I finally have it down. Next comes  purchasing an SLR and learning how to use it in the spare time I don't have.

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