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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Report On Jeans

Going to the Mall to try on jeans is not quite as bad as trying on bathing suits but close.  I did not want to waste time so I went straight for the Diane von Furstenberg and the Paige jeans.   They cost around $200.00 and I wanted white and I wanted them to be high quality and fit like a glove.  I have a pair of Gap jeans but they do not fit the way I want and the same with the Levi brand.  My favorite jeans so far are the Silence and Noise $58.00 jeggings from Urban Outfitters.  They are a light weight material just the way I like and they do fit like a glove.  The problem I forget when I wash them not to throw them in the drier and then the fit turns into a joke.  I wanted to replace them but they do not come in white,

In the dressing room with the 2 different pair of $200.00 jeans I thought the material was too thick for my liking but surly they would be cut to form and fit the body.  WRONG!!!  Okay, first of all they add 25 pounds from the hips down.   Each leg feels fat and heavy.  Who are these body types used for fitting?  They have to be using mannequins and not real humans because a real body would have to be honest and........oh they cannot say a word......they are models and need a job and the last to tell DV or Paige their jeans are some kind of uncomfortable contraption no one could possibly wear and feel good about it.

The Nordstrom sales clerk was in shock....or pretended like she was......when I told her they did not fit.  I headed to Starbucks for a double shot and some half and half before I could proceed.  I was so disappointed no way was I going to go hunting for more jeans so decided to walk through F21 to see what the mannequins were wearing.  Oh, HELLO....a table full of White Jeans.  I had to try them on just to see how bad they would feel at $15.80 a pair.

The reason I bought them is the material is not thick and the fit is perfect for sitting all day at work in front of a computer on the telephone.   If you are frustrated looking for white jeans these are a fine choice  until something better comes along.

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