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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Only One Thing In Life

What happens when you are born in Paris to a privileged family?  What happens when you get exposed personally to all beautiful artistic surroundings?  Then what happens when you personally are described by some as ugly?  Can you even imagine?

I just finished reading a most elegant book.  Diana Vreeland The Eye Has To Travel by Lisa Immordino Vreeland.  It is a gem.  The presentation alone is worthy of the subject but also the articles that make up the book is impressive in my opinion.  I had already read a biography about D.V. and still hung on every word in this magnificent book.

"At a young age she realized she had to focus on more than just her appearance. "

I sent a text to my daughter a quote from the book by Diana, "There is only one thing in life and that's the continued renewal of inspiration.".  My daughters reply, "I LOVE that!!!"

If you have a book to share or comment please do.

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