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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Go For It

Many books are written on how to make changes in your life.  One way is to break your patterns.   Last night I made a change and enrolled in a new ballet studio.  It is not just a one night one time one change.  The mind still fights for sameness and comfort.

Today I had the day off.  Normally my alarm goes off at 6:30am.  Today I slept in until 9:30am.  I never turn on the television until 5pm or later.  I do not like noise in my apartment other than what goes on in my head.  I like to journal and have as much peace and quiet as possible during the day to gather my thoughts and really listen to what my mind is telling me and my body is feeling.

I broke my rule this morning watching Kathy Griffin DVD's My Life On The "D" List.  Since they are due at the library I turned them on at 10am.  It felt so odd.  Then I ate breakfast/lunch and read a new book by Roseanne Barr.  I love to laugh so the day was perfect.  Then I left for ballet class at the new studio.  The class was harder to get through today than yesterday.  But I have been taking ballet enough years now to know that it never gets easier.

I know I am the least experienced in the class and I feel like the lone ranger because everyone knows each other and have been a group of 12 for who knows how long.  I tell myself I am going to be super friendly when I go into new situations now..............but I don't.  I am naturally the introvert and hard for me to step out of that mode unless I really push myself.

 I hear Kobe is first in the gym at every game 3 hours before working on his game.  I watch him play BB and how he fights through all different situations and feels high when things are going well and extremely angry when they are not.  I see Kathy Griffin go through all kind of challenges she takes on in her life on the "D" list and how she works hard to excel at what she does.  Both Kobe and Kathy make what they do look easy yet they work harder than their peers.

I am going to have to work harder to be in the dance classes at this new studio.   I have my role models now I can go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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