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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spending Your Sunday

How do you spend your free time?   Do you pay attention?  Do you try to accomplish something or just go with the flow?   Today I decided to stay home and take pictures with my new tripod and an old camera.  It has been awhile so it was like starting over pressing every button and getting frustrated to the point of just walking away but.......I did not give up.

I am afraid to look at the pics.  I am not sure who said it is very hard to take your own photos with a tripod but thankfully I kept remembering that person the more frustrated I became.  But when learning something new there is the uncomfortable part and I know the choice is to walk away or stick with it

Last night at a get together we were talking about those who take pictures and those who do not.  I am so much one that loves to live in the moment completely.  Whatever presents itself I absorb it and it has never occurred to me to want to take a picture of it.  My daughter on the other hand thinks about taking a picture constantly.  The second she sees birds or anything unusual she reaches automatically for her cell to take a picture.

Do you think this can be learned or is it just innate.  I am thinking I need to find out somehow before I invest in an SLR only to discover I do not like taking pics of myself and I dont like taking a camera with me wherever I go.  This week I talked myself out of taking my camera with me once because it was too cold and once because it was too nice.  Is that a clue?

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