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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Just Have To Say.....

One of my interests and even my main interest is to learn about myself.  Self knowledge helps me get through difficult times and there are many ways to learn about one self.  One of my favorites is to pay attention to who you are attracted to and who makes you crazy.  Men you are passionate about and why?  Men who you can't stand and how come?  Women who turn you off royally and ones that make you feel envy. 

One man that I most admire is Kobe Bryant.   I find myself giving up my own life of ballet class to stay home and watch him live his life playing basketball.  This is serious.  I began watching Kobe a few years ago when my all time favorite athlete Arvydas Sabonis moved back to Lithuania.

Tonight I gave up going to class and Kobe was spectacular.  The commentators are speaking about Kobe setting an example for his team.  He shows up 3 hours early in the gym before the game and starts working.  He shows tough love to the players on his team.  He has no time for foolishness.  His goal is to win and he is hungry for it.  

Kobe for me makes the game look like a dance.  His moves are with style and grace.  Even tonight one of his plays is going to make the #1 sports highlight.  Outstanding.  He puts all of his heart and soul in a game he has been playing for 33 years.   I admire his finesse, his commitment, his motivation, his work ethic, his ability to keep getting better.    Also  his ability to tune out  the noise of both praise and haters.  For everyone like me who thinks he is Mr. Wonderful there are many who cannot even stand the sound of his name.

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What does my admiration for this man teach me about myself?   To take those traits and keep developing them myself?   Oh, and I just have to say..... it's about that smile. 

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