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Monday, March 19, 2012

Let's Talk About....

Twiggy London on HSN.  Oh please help me.  STOP with the Marketing 101 celebration routine.  HSN has no fear of OVERKILL!!!   Guys.......take a break.  When you are celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, holiday's adnauseum it becomes so gimmicky even  a 3 year old that wants to hear the same story over and over could get sick of it.   

Now on to the ridiculous clothing.  Talk about trying too hard.  Why, why, why?  If I saw anyone actually walking down the street in one of Twiggy's outfits she is hawking I would burst out laughing.  Not kidding.  Of course the person would not know what I was laughing about but c'mon!!  Red swede scrunchy boots with the most hideous denim jackets and jeans and hot pink everything.  And all this mess is being sold with a straight face and callers are calling in gushing over Twiggy herself first and then her designs.

I guess it is too easy for me to pick apart a form of infomercial with the stars but it amazes me what the masses think is worth it.

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