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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not Crafty

Anytime you say, "I can't have anymore problems" you know something is going to happen.  I like to watch Jeff Lewis on Interior Therapy.  He is a trip.  I have watched him for over a year now and he is as he describes himself a perfectionist and brutally honest.  And for some reason that makes him so funny to me.  He is in charge of renovating extremely nice homes and yes it is a "reality" show but because of Jeff it not only makes me laugh it is educational as well. 

Tonight he is in charge of redoing a bathroom with new shower and tile plus redecorating the entire house.  Jeff is an interior designer and has a perfect eye for detail.  I would not want to work for him.  It reminds me of how much of a non-perfectionist I am.  I am the worst at being crafty and when I do attempt any type of "do it yourself" project it turns into a catastrophe.

These gold sparkle shoes were my last project.  I am not detail oriented so fail to read the instructions that say,  "make sure to do this sparkling out of doors" so yes I had gold sparkle all throughout my carpeting even with placing newspapers down.  

I have three more pair to sparkle.  But it turned cold and rainy outside so I have put it off.  I know they are going to look like "do- it- yourself" sparkle shoes when I am done and will end up in the trash. 

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