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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let's Talk About Marc

Checking out an interview by Marc Jacobs I decided not to read it because I thought it was just another PR advertisement for the man.  Then I read a part of it that said Marc is honest about his life so I took a chance and read it.  Yes he started in the business as a young stud.  Did he get work because he was good looking?  Maybe.  In the article he is described as a big intellectual in tattoos and skirts.  Then Fashion Police had photos of him a few days ago in a pink chiffon dress.  His Spring Collection is in his words "Lightness, prettiness. gentleness."

Photo from Google images
I like the espadrilles but I cannot wear sleeveless or black so none of this prettiness would work for me.  Throwing a blazer or jacket over any of those looks would not work.  Oh wait....he is not designing for the Advanced Stylers.  Who IS designing for us or are we relegated to Resale stores or Goodwill to cobble something together that looks interesting?  I wonder even statistically how many of us care about style?  Seriously,  if I was diagnosed with a disease my fashion sense would go way to the back of my priority list.  I understand our U.S. population is moving in the direction of the older age categories but the designers seem to be stuck on styling the Kardashian girls and I mean the 2 teens not the 3 so called older ones.

Photo from Google images
Back to Mr. Jacobs. The recent article I was reading said he stopped taking drugs and cleaned up his habits when cortisone shots and steroids did not clear up his ulcerative colitis.  He did not want his colon removed so went to a nutritionist and put on a strict diet and exercise plan.  He expresses his delight in being in great shape now.  What interests me about this info during the interview he was smoking incessentantly while drinking copious amounts of coffee and coke.  What are the tools that you need to get through your day?

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