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Friday, November 25, 2011

.....and everything is going fine

one night listening to NPR I heard a voice that seriously made me laugh plus I totally identified with what he was saying.  I wrote his name down and read all of his books and could not wait for him to do more and more and then he was in a terrible car accident and ultimately took his own life and this all happened within a few years.  I felt like I knew this person.

  Have you ever heard or seen someone and felt close to them?  I felt like I was related to him somehow.  And so it goes......check him out.  He is amazing.  I just bought the book "the journals of spalding gray" and I am trying to buy the DVD on "and everything is going fine" a documentary about his life that apparently is unavailable.  That was going to be a present to myself.

I will be reporting about what I read in his journals.....I can't wait.  He is an extremely talented artist.  In the meantime way #4 how to be lonely:  "at every opportunity come back to the present moment with compassionate attention."

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