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Friday, November 11, 2011

Style in Spirit

  I am reading the book "Art Talk", conversations with women artists.  I love personal stories.  When the Olympics are on TV I hear people say, "stop wasting time on the personal stories.  Just show the event.  I am the opposite.  I enjoy seeing the person dealing with everyday life and then see them fly down the mountain in the down hill race or whatever. 

Not the PR personal stories.  Those I can smell.  Usually child stars that continue in the media have to get rehearsed about what they will and will not share....I get it.  When you are "popular" and speak your mind you set yourself up for mass controversey so better to have managers who coach you to say what is lovable.  The magazine interviews are messed up.  So canned and scripted.

The book Art Talk was written several years ago and yet the introduction said out of 13 interviews she felt like 3 of the women artists had pretty much stayed to an exchange that they had already determined they were going to say.  The book is a real conversation with questions that the artist knew was going to be asked but because it was a taped exchange it could go in any direction just as a normal talking back and forth can happen easily jumping from one subject to another in the moment.

Are clothes involved in the body living in the spirit or the spirit living in the body?.  When you get dressed each day is your spirit showing?  Then where are the rules?  It seems to me they are unspoken.  Then it comes from your individual expression.  Are you even aware of judging someone by what they have on?  Do you ever change your opinion of someone when because of the way they dress you thought they were one way and then when you get to know them discover they are different than what you expected?

I hardly ever find someone whose dress is completely different than their personality.  What if I did not judge a person by their cover?  I feel like I see deeper than the facade.  But then I am just making stories up about who I think they are or want them to be. I don't think of myself as a shallow person until I judge someone by the way they look.   Awhile back I told myself my intention for the day was not to judge myself or anyone else. 

Then I took off to go shopping.  I saw female after female all in walking shoes and I thought they should know better.   I told myself the next person I saw in walking shoes I was actually going to give a dirty look to show them that is just wrong.    I give the next female the "nasty" look obviously looking at them from the shoes up.  I had no idea if the person noticed my way of saying "what not to wear" when I suddenly burst out laughing at myself.  I realized what I had just done was the exact opposite of my intention for the day.  I told myself I was "so bad" then aware I had just turned my judging onto myself.  Ooops.   I smiled to remember "a smile is worth a thousand good intentions" .......and was able to feel a space of non-judgement.

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