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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Diet and Exercise Is It A Science?

My question is for those who are over the chronological age of 70.  What do you do to be as healthy and fit as possible?  There are so many books about "aging gracefully" I wonder what real life people are doing?  Bess Be Fit blog is about the age of 20 somethings.  I have seen other blogs but none that seem to be the 70 plus.  Where are you????

When my mother would go bowling in her 80's and 90's she said many people asked her what she did to stay so peppy and in great shape.  She was under 5 feet tall and under 100 pounds and said she felt the best when she weighed the same as she did in high school.  She put a lot of work into preparing her meals and believed food was the best medicine.  She did not go to doctors and took no medication.  She also said that all those who asked her "how do you do it" really did not want to know.  She said most people do not take care of themselves and do not believe they can an rely on doctors to tell them what is what.

If anyone is out there and could comment on the science they are experimenting with to be healthy I would be very interested.  Mine is hit and miss.  My exercise is ballet class, walking, and a few yoga moves that I do consistently and to me that is a key.  My diet and nutrition I keep experimenting with and have never been happy with my food choices.  Just when I think I have a system my body seems to want something different.  I like to keep it simple because I do not cook.  I love food and if I cooked I would eat and then I gain weight over night.

What is your diet and exercise secret?

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