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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Offer Your Life As Art

Hello world......I know you are out there waiting for something on this fine Saturday night.  Not a breath of wind, 40 degrees, my perfect autumn evening.  Listening to life in the next door apartment, I like hearing music I would not normally listen to coming from somewhere else.

Gary Spalding made his story more dramatic and funny and offered his life as art.  I have not a problem dramatizing and exaggerating my life until I go to blog about it and then it turns in to drivel.  I guess I need that human to bounce off of?  Why can't I just imagine there is a human I am telling my story to?  I have taken creative writing classes and listened to all of Natalie Goldberg tapes......and taken the Artist's Way Workshop so?????  What?????

This is a learning experiment in communicating my life as if I was talking to you.  The thing is I need to know who you are because depending upon your personality I formulate my story and  hear your response and take-off on that.  In the mean time, way #5 how to be lonely:  Relate to how things are instead of trying to make them okay.

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