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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Elegance of the Hedgehog

Have your read this book by Muriel Barbery?  A book that made me laugh and cry.  How many times does that happen?  And then today went looking for thin ankle socks.  NO.  There are thin trouser socks and the rest are thick.  Dang....and supposedly we are the land of many choices.  Huh?  Have you tried to find a V-neck tee shirt?  If you can the material is nasty slimy and shows every lump and bump you don't even think you have.  Round necks and cowl necks have been the only choice for a few years now so looks like I will have to get online to see what I can find.  In this land of plenty the idea I cannot find a sock and a tee-shirt is scary.

What I did find I did not need.  Another pair of boots.  I found a pair of $100 Born boots at Marshalls that I loved but not my size.  Cheap boots fit me the best.  I go to Macy's and Nordstrom and cannot find a boot of any price that fits my style or foot.  I have discovered that cheap boots fit my size 8 extremely narrow foot the best.  I insert arch supports, wear fat socks and a toe cushion and I am set to go.  Especially if it is a lace up the front boot.  I don't like black or brown.....I do like beige or white.  Good luck.  I am so weird.  I always want something that is the wrong season or the wrong trend.  I always wore white jeans and now.....guess what?  Everyone is wearing white jeans but can I find any that fit?  And the material they make them in is horrible.  Way to thick.  Why do we need jeans the weight of what a carpenter wears to roof a house?  HELLO!!!!  I am just going from my house, to car, to desk.....who needs thick heavy jeans?  I don't even know who to ask those kind of questions.  Do you?????  Or maybe I am the only one who does not like thick heavy jeans.

Back to the boots I bought today that I did not go looking for nor did I need.  There they were, a light soft creme beige fake swede, lace up the front, wedge shootie with sherling lining.  $40.00 at Icing.  Have you ever looked at their boots when shopping for a fake flower or cheap accessories?  No, me either because at a glace I can tell what I don't like  This girl knows fashion!!!  Now if I only knew how to take a picture of myself for this blog.  Maybe I am glad I don't.  I have no idea how the pictures will turn out since I have never been a model I may be wishing to be able to do something that is exactly what I don't want to be doing????

Okay, last way to be lonely #6....No longer seek companionship of constant conversation with ourselves,

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