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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Feel It, Wear It, Love It

I wonder where this blog is going?  Do you ever start down a path only to wonder what the heck?  This is the time of year that brings a lot of feelings to the surface don't you think?  I just broke into tears a few hours ago after returning from a walk on the river.  Oh yeah Feel It.....

One of my sayings that I remind myself of is "a smile is worth a thousand good intentions."  Since I prefer being an introvert when I walk around in public I am not one to say "hi" when I pass people.  I remind myself to just smile if I do not care to speak unless spoken to.  Walking home tonight I pass two maintenance men putting up Christmas lights on some trees.  It wasn't until I had passed them by I realized they both had spoken to me and said "good evening".  I had just kept walking as I told myself I should go back and smile and say "sorry I did not realize you had spoken to me, good evening to you".  Did I?  No I just kept walking and when I opened my apartment door and stepped inside I just burst out in tears.  I felt mean and nasty.  Feel It, Wear It.

Tomorrow is a new day.  My intention is to be a lot more friendly and cheery and joy full and spread the love!!    Not in a do- gooder way but honest and genuine.  We all have both introvert and extrovert tendencies and tis' the season for me to be more extroverted.  None of that phony "have a nice day" routine but an effort to put a smile on my face......feel it, wear it, love it.

I have to practice inserting an image into this blog now.  Maybe a picture of an ESTJ.  That would be an ex-boyfriend that I have no pictures of.  I am pretty sure Bill Clinton is one.  And I am only practicing its not like someone is judging this blog to be good or bad so...... way to be lonely #2.  Contentment: we no longer believe escaping our loneliness is going to bring happiness, courage, or strength.

Love it.

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