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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Prepare to be Lonely

I am practicing to set up a fashion blog and since no one is reading this I can express myself while inserting photos that have no sense or sensibilities.  Here goes.  My thoughts this evening very different from what I wrote this morning on my way to ballet class.   It was all about the way ballet teaches to PREPARE for everything.  Tonight after ballet class and a full day of mall shopping where the only purchase was a bottle of Sebastian Repair Shampoo after trying on the same pair of platform booties two different times at Charlotte Russe and deciding tops at Macy's that were all a definite feet hurt, my legs hurt and my hips hurt so my perspective is totally different than this morning. 

Oh yeah......this is a picture that resembles the way I feel right now.!!!!  I will expand on the title of Lonely theme in my next blog.

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