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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's Right Now

Has anyone taken the Myers Briggs personality test?  I am an INFP which means I am only one percent of the population.  This is all explained in a book called "Please Understand Me".  Reading the book you discover that the title is impossible for us as humans.  We cannot understand each other but we can learn to "appreciate each other" and that is what I love.  My preference is to travel in this world as an Introvert which means I am comfortable being solo, and as one of my best Extroverted friends said, , "You don't mind being lonely".  She can not understand that because she needs to be with people.

Right now it is the time of year many express the fear of being lonely.. I find myself as a loner struggling big time this time of year with the question, "What's wrong with me?"  Now I have lived long enough to not beat myself up when my mind starts down that path and I am aware of this now as only a thought and I don't need to buy into I used to.

I came across an article called "6 Ways To Be Lonely"

l   Less Desire......the willingness to be lonely without resolution when everything in us yearns for something else to change our mood.
 Oh yeah......I get in moods when I am not even aware of it and feel like I am going stir crazy if I don't do something, anything.......I think being lonely is an art form.

Right now my exercise of choice,  ballet class is not happening.  My hip injury shows no sign of healing and this is day 3 of no dance.  So now begins the feeling sorry for self and eating way more than I do when I dance.  Logically since I do not want to gain any weight when unable to dance one would think I would be so careful about what I eat.  Instead......I get in a mood that wants to sabotage my discipline and training.  Right now what I am doing is not what I want.  HUH??

Number 2 Way To Be Lonely tomorrow.........

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